To all my #InKeyWest peeps, Please stay safe as Laura temporarily impeads your fun in the sun! I’ve been there through a couple of storms but you’re all in good hands thanks to all of the kind hearted folks in the southernmost city!! Take care and hope to see you soon!!

PS, As Labor Day weekend approaches I’m reminded that this marks our 9th wedding anniversary which we usually celebrate in Key West but due to a serious illness could not be there for the first time in almost a decade. This hurts us both very deeply! Marjory and I were married on the Schooner Western Union by Captain Lenn, as I know many of you have as well, and we will miss this opportunity.

We hope everyone stays safe and has a Blessed Labor Day weekend and we will be there in the mightiest spirit!!! Congratulations to the folks I noticed on the Weather Channel who have gotten and will be married in this tropical paradise in the coming days and weeks!!!

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