In Key West

A Gala Event

The Chow and Leo 001

Hey folks,  Marjorie and I are heading out this weekend to celebrate the Grand Opening of the brand new “Club Laydle” on Reddington Beach, in the Tampa area. This one of a kind facility near the beach and John’s Pass is owned and operated by two of our best friends Maude and Ned Flanders who are primarily responsible for steering this project through the red tape to its fruition. They’re sure to have some A-list celebs this weekend at this long awaited Premier where…. “Dreams Do Come True”.


The concept for Club Laydle has been kicked around for decades and through some kind of divine intervention, has indeed “risen to life” much to the surprise of many. Maude, Ned and myself have collaborated over the years painstakingly, so that we may bring you this one of a kind experience.

We would be remiss if we did not pause for a moment to reflect on the Memorial Day Weekend and the great sacrifices made by our soldiers, past and present, so that we all may enjoy the freedoms of living in this great nation. Thank You to you all!!!

See you all at “Club Laydle”.