To all my #InKeyWest peeps, Please stay safe as Laura temporarily impeads your fun in the sun! I’ve been there through a couple of storms but you’re all in good hands thanks to all of the kind hearted folks in the southernmost city!! Take care and hope to see you soon!!

PS, As Labor Day weekend approaches I’m reminded that this marks our 9th wedding anniversary which we usually celebrate in Key West but due to a serious illness could not be there for the first time in almost a decade. This hurts us both very deeply! Marjory and I were married on the Schooner Western Union by Captain Lenn, as I know many of you have as well, and we will miss this opportunity.

We hope everyone stays safe and has a Blessed Labor Day weekend and we will be there in the mightiest spirit!!! Congratulations to the folks I noticed on the Weather Channel who have gotten and will be married in this tropical paradise in the coming days and weeks!!!

Corona Virus

Hey Folks, hope everyone’s safe out there and self quarantining so we can all come out the other side of this carona-virus mess and get back to some normalcy once again. It’s looking like a cure for it is on the very near horizon based on what I’m hearing out of the South of France. Hang tough and be vigilant everyone and everything will begin to get better soon!!

In the mean time read a book, catch up on some Netflix, and stay safe out there my Key West friends!!

2019 Adventure

Hey folks, it’s been a while since my last post but I think that it’s fitting that we’re headed back to Key West tomorrow for the Labor Day weekend and our 8th wedding anniversary in paradise. Unfortunately the weather might be somewhat of an issue as hurricane Dorian might decide to pay us a little visit come Sunday. Hopefully our first trip to the Dry Tortugas won’t be postponed as we were really looking forward to the excursion on the Yankee Freedom.

Our pals Tim and Stacy will be along for the weekend and regardless of the weather conditions, I’m quite sure we’ll manage to have a blast! Our Jack O Lantern will be is good hands back in Tampa with Grandma and Grandpa so that’s a big relief. Hope to see some of you all this weekend in Key West!! Happy Labor Day weekend and be safe out there my friends!!!

Honor the Heros

Overseas Highway

It was 80 years ago today that a Category 5 hurricane roared through the Florida Keys obliterating everything in sight and taking several hundred souls, as well as Henry Flagler’s railroad. It had the lowest recorded sea level pressure ever recorded in the US, with winds estimated at over 185 miles per hour. I would like to take a moment to recognize all the hard work these men and women did constructing the railroad, many of whom were veterans,  and to honor the sacrifices they made . We owe them a debt of gratitude as many of us still trek through the Keys on the same stretch of road so aptly named the Overseas Highway. Here’s a link to more data on the hurricane courtesy of Wikipedia.



Four Years Ago

Western Union

It was 4 years ago today that we got married in Key West aboard the historic Flagship of the State of Florida, the Schooner Western Union. It was so nice to see so many of our family and friends there for us and we thank you all for sharing our special day. We feel so fortunate to have been married by Capt. Lenn aboard such a historic tall ship and will be a memory and honor we will cherish forever. It was definitely one of the best weddings we’d ever been to.
The Western Union is sadly in a severe state of disrepair and needs everyone’s help to keep her from the scrapyard. Here’s a link to find out more info on how you can help.

wedding 106




Paradise Revisited

Hey folks, just got back from another awesome adventure in Key West and just wanted to post some pics and video of the crazy goings on over the Memorial Day weekend. Cheers and enjoy…  This is the Coast Guarded Tallship Barque Eagle that was in town over the weekend. She;s 295 ft long and is used for training cadets for the rigors of the Coast Guard.

Key West 2015 033Key West 2015 037Key West 2015 048

The annual Minimal Regata was held on May 24th at Schooner Wharf and as usual, it was a hilarious sight to behold.

Key West 2015 072Key West 2015 074Key West 2015 059

What would Key West be without the beautiful sunsets…

Key West 2015 085Key West 2015 087



Crazy Fun

Hey folks, if you’re planning on being in Key West over the Memorial Day weekend you’ll do yourself a favor by dragging your bad selves over to Schooner Wharf Bar on Sunday, May 24th for the 2015 version of the zaniest regatta you’ll ever see. It’s called the “Minimal Regatta”.  Contestants are allowed only one thin sheet of 4×8 plywood, two 8 ft long 2×4’s, a roll of duct tape and 1 lb. of fasteners to build their boat and race other contestants around the inner harbor in this sink or swim competition.

Awards are presented for creativity, speed, costume, sportsmanship and paint job, among others. Live music fills the air and a barbeque pulls this wacky race all together. I guarantee you won’t regret it!!

Schooner Western Union

Western Union

Hello friends, we just got back from our recent anniversary trip to Key West and learned some disturbing news about the future of the Historic “Western Union” Schooner from Capt. Lenn. Some of you may already have heard that the Western Union is in a serious state of disrepair and is in desperate need of funding to restore this great sailing vessel to its original pristine shape. Being that this wonderful two-masted schooner is a wooden ship, the costs involved in restoring her are very high and, if the capitol is not raised soon to restore the ship, this beautiful piece of history could very well end up in the scrapyard.

As of early September, 2014 the Western Union Schooner was stripped of its Coast Guard certification to sail until such repairs could take place and not until then. The Western Union is the last functioning wooden tall ship built in the state of Florida and is in need currently of somewhere around 60,000 dollars in state and local community support in the form of donations to be able to secure federal dollars to complete her restoration. This funding must be raised in the next 20 days or this vital slice of Key West and the State of Florida could disappear forever.

The Schooner Western Union Preservation Society is at a crisis point and is accepting donations to help save this important part of Florida’s History. Everyone who has sailed on her or has been to Key West can understand the true importance of this undertaking and CAN HELP in some way, large or small, to save her from destruction. I am posting a link for anyone who wishes to donate what ever they can afford to keep this Historic tall ship sailing through our waters and to serve locals and educate the visitors about its rich history. I am also posting the link to an important article published in the Key West Citizen regarding fundraising efforts.

My wife and I were married aboard this wonderful and historic tall ship in 2011 and I’m certain that many of you have had similar memorable experiences on the Western Union. Please help in any way possible to keep her afloat and sailing the waters in our region and state. Thank you for your support.



Recent Visit to Paradise

Hey gang, just got back from another fabulous trip to Key West with Marjorie, Stacy and Tim. We had a great time over the Labor Day weekend as usual. Many thanks to Tim and Stacy for shuttling us back and forth to the N.A.S. for much needed supplies!!! Swimmer Diana Nyad was also in town to commemorate the first anniversary of her historic swim from Cuba to Key West which was really cool. Great food, cool drinks and fond memories!!!  While we were in town we took many pictures and would like to share them with you all.

IMG_1274IMG_1478IMG_1109IMG_1211IMG_1431IMG_1309IMG_1371IMG_1243IMG_1359IMG_1297IMG_1299Red Doors OwnerIMG_1279IMG_1280IMG_1111

Lipstick Killers

Hey, I just wanted to send a shout out to my friend Tate Thibadeaux who is in town here in the Tampa area rehearsing for a Lipstick Killers show on August 22nd at the Local 662 on Central Avenue in St Petersburg Florida. It was great to see him again and catch up a little bit. The Lipstick Killers are the premier Alice Cooper Tribute band in all the land and I highly recommend that you check out the show on Friday night if you’re in the Tampa Bay area.  They’ll rock you to a nub and the theatrical performance is classic Alice!! I know I’ll be there!!

They’ll be headlining the show but also on the bill is Kozmic Pearl, one of the top Janis Joplin tribute bands on the circuit. I suggest that you get there early. Advance tickets plus one free drink 727- 278=9921 Kenny.  Enjoy.