We’ve been traveling to Key West for many years. The history, architecture, music, art, sunsets and tropical weather are just a few of the many things that have kept us returning to this tiny Island paradise over and over again. But it’s the diversity of the people that make it one of the most unique and friendly places to be on the planet. The citizens of Key West are so open and accepting and the philosophy of “One Human Family” permeates the entire culture of the Island and is something you can feel and absorb and appreciate the whole time you’re there. It has a feel and character that is refreshingly unique and all its own. Below you will find a few ideas to get you started!!  Cheers!!


Lodging Exclusively for Men


Equator Resort    822 Fleming St (305-294-7775, 800-278-4552)

Equator Resort 2

Island House Resort    1129 Fleming St (305-294-6284, 800-890-6284)

Island HouseIsland House 3 Marquis


New Orleans House    724 Duval St (305-293-9800, 888-293-9893)

New Orleans House 3The New Orleans House

LGBTQ Lodging

Alexander’s Guesthouse    1118 Fleming St (305-294-9919)

Alexander's Guesthouse

La Te Da Hotel and Restaurant   1125 Duval St (305-296-6706)


LGBTQ Bars and Clubs

The 801 Bourbon Bar    801 Duval St (305-294-4737)

801 Bourbon Bar801 Bourbon 3801 Bourbon Bar

Aqua Nightclub    711 Duval St (305-294-0555)

Aqua Nightclub

Bobby’s Monkey Bar    900 Simonton St (305-294-2655)

Bourbon St Pub    724 Duval St (305-294-9354)

Bourbon Street Pub

Garden of Eden    224 Duval St (305-296-4565)

Garden of Eden crop

Saloon One    504 Petronia St (305-294-4727)


If I’m missing some, I do apologize. Let me know and I’ll be happy to add them.


Here’s a couple of great links to all things as they relate to “LGBT” Key West, including events. Courtesy of and






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