Heroes of the Second World War

Hello to all of you out there visiting my website and to all of those who cherish this wonderful slice of heaven we know as Key West. With Memorial Day fast approaching I would like to share an important website with you all founded by a gentleman named Rishi Sharma called www.heroesofthesecondworldwar.org I urge all of you to visit this site that is so important to the preservation of these first hand accounts of interviews with the remaining surviving Heroes of World War II and to pass on their wisdom to future generations. Rashi is in the process of interviewing at least one survivor every single day until the last one passes away to share the incredible stories of their hardships, sacrifices and what they witnessed in combat in a censor-free environment.

With Memorial Day near, it is extremely important to remember, understand and appreciate the great sacrifices these Heroes made in providing ALL of US the great freedoms and liberties which we enjoy today and in which made the United States of America the Greatest nation in the history of mankind. May God Bless you all and may God continue to Bless the United States of America.

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