In Key West

In Memory

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how time passes by so quickly. I would like to take this opportunity to pause, reflect and remember the great sacrifices of three individuals, as we come up on the 38th anniversary, July 20th, of the tragedy on the salvage boat ” The Northwind”, that took the souls of Mel Fisher’s son Dirk, his wife Angel, and diver Rick Gage, who were a part of Mel Fishers team searching for the Nuestra Senora de Atocha which had been lost at sea for almost 400 years. Their diligent work, perseverance and dedication to finding and salvaging a piece of history shall never be in vain. To the families of all of those involved in the search and recovery of the artifacts of the Atocha, we are all feeling the loss collectively and wish to recognize and mourn the loss of such dedicated individuals who gave their lives for something greater than themselves.

As we all know, although Mel and his expedition team ultimately located the “Mother Lode”, at great personal and legal expense, I personally will do my part to honor all the hard work that still continues to this day by wearing the “piece of eight” coin that I purchased around my neck every day in appreciation and in remembrance of all 264 souls who were lost in the original tragedy and the Northwind tragedy. I am truly honored and wear it proudly.