Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouses and Inns

There are so many great lodging choices in Key West it’s hard to believe. We always try to stay somewhere different than the time previous. It kind of gives you a wonderful  perspective of the island as a whole as well as a history lesson of the properties themselves. This tropical paradise offers visitors a myriad of guest houses, hotels, motels, B&B’s, condos, time shares and vacation home rentals to fit everyone’s individual needs and budget. Pricing and availabilities vary greatly so be sure to call ahead for the best possible rates.

Most, if not all lodging in Key West have websites so you can check out amenities and pictures of most of the rooms, but if you have any further questions you can always call or e-mail the properties directly for any further inquiries. Most have toll-free numbers as well. Generally, office hours run from approximately 9am till about 6pm daily. Try to remember that what these type properties may lack, as far as creature comforts, they more than make up for with their history, charm, beauty and friendly staff.  With so much to see and do in KW, we’ll help ensure that you find the perfect Island getaway lodging to make your stay all that it should be.

Below I’ve compiled a list of as many lodging choices as I could find in Key West, and have them listed in alphabetical order. If I’ve missed some, let me know and I’ll be happy to add them.

1800 Atlantic Suites  1800 Atlantic Blvd 305-294-8877, 800-433-2819  Office located @ 1225 White St

Image of 1800 Atlantic Suites, Key West

Image of 1800 Atlantic Suites, Key West

Albury Court      1030 Eaton St  305-294-9870, 877-299-9870

Alexander’s Guest House    Gay/Alternative  1118 Fleming St  305-294-9919, 1-800-654-9919

Alexander Palms Court    715 South St  305-296-6413  800-858-1943

Almond Tree Inn    512 Truman Ave  305-296-5415, 800-311-4292

Ambrosia House    622 Fleming St  305-296-9838800-535-9838

Ambrosia House Tropical Lodging

Andrews Inn and Garden Cottages    Zero Whalton Lane (888-263-7393888-263-7393)(305-294-7730305-294-7730)

An Island Oasis    630 South St (305-295-9464305-295-9464, 800-281-7813800-281-7813 ext.100)

Image of An Island Oasis, Key West

Angelina Guest House   302 Angela St (305-294-4480305-294-4480, 888-303-4480888-303-4480)

Angelina Guest House the

Artist House    534 Eaton St (305-296-3977305-296-3977, 800-582-7882800-582-7882)

Artist House on Fleming     1016 Fleming St (294-4043, 855-294-4043855-294-4043)

Image of Artist House on Fleming, Key West

Atlantis House    1401 Atlantic Blvd (305-292-1532305-292-1532, 800-615-9214800-615-9214)

Authors Guesthouse     725 White St (305-294-7381305-294-7381, 800-898-6909800-898-6909)

Avalon Bed and Breakfast    1317 Duval St (305-294-8233305-294-8233, 800-848-1317800-848-1317)

AZUL  Key West    907 Truman Ave (305-296-5152305-296-5152, 888-253-2985888-253-2985)

Azul Key West, Key West, United States of America

Banana Bay Resort     2319 N. Roosevelt Blvd (305-296-6925305-296-6925)

The Banyan Resort    323 Whitehead St (305-296-7786305-296-7786, 866-371-9222866-371-9222)

Best Western Hibiscus    1313 Simonton St (305-294-3763305-294-3763, 800-972 5100800-972 5100)


Best Western Key Ambassador Resort Inn     3755 S. Roosevelt Blvd (305-296-3500305-296-3500, 800-432-4315800-432-4315)

Cabana Inn    413 Appelrouth Lane    305-296-2323

Blue Marlin Motel     1320 Simonton St (305-294-2585305-294-2585, 800-523-1698800-523-1698)

cute little retro hotel

Blue Parrot Inn     916 Elizabeth Street 1-800-231-BIRD1-800-231-BIRD (2473) or 1-305-296-00331-305-296-0033

Bone Island Vacation Rentals     219 Simonton Street Local Reservations:               (305) 293-9953(305) 293-9953, Fax: (877) 820-2972 Toll Free Reservations: (888) 820-9953(888) 820-9953

Cabanas of Key West      1075 Duval St Suite C  (305-294-0990305-294-0990, 800-833-7368800-833-7368)

Caribbean House    226 Petronia St (305-296-0999305-296-0999, 877-296-0999877-296-0999)

Casa 325    325 Duval St (305-292-0011305-292-0011, 866-227-2325866-227-2325)

Casablanca Key West      900-904 Duval St (305-296-0815305-296-0815)

Casa Marina  A Waldorf Astoria Resort    1500 Reynolds St  (305-296-3535305-296-3535,1-888-303-57171-888-303-5717)

Casa DeLuces     422 Amelia St (305-294-5269305-294-5269, 800-833-0372800-833-0372)

Cayo Hueso Resorts      513 United St (305-294-4819305-294-4819)

Center Court Historic Inn and Cottages      916 Center St (305-296-9292305-296-9292, 305-296-5553305-296-5553, 800-294-9560800-294-9560, 800-797-8787800-797-8787)

Chelsea House Pool & Gardens    709 Truman Ave (305-296-2211305-296-2211, 800-845-8859800-845-8859)

Coconut Beach Resort    1500 Alberta St (305-294-0057305-294-0057, 800-835-0055800-835-0055)

Coconut Grove     815 Fleming St (305-296-5107305-296-5107, 800-262-6055800-262-6055) Gay/Alternative

Coconut Mallory Resort and Marina    1445 S. Roosevelt Blvd (305-292-0017305-292-0017, 866-316-1843866-316-1843)

Coco Plum Inn    611-615 Whitehead St (305-295-2955305-295-2955, 877-694-2955877-694-2955)

Colony Poolside Key West     714 Olivia St (305-600-5208305-600-5208)

Conch House Heritage Inn    625 Truman Ave (305-293-0020305-293-0020, 800-207-5806800-207-5806)

Conch Republic Cottage and Suites    510 Petronia St (305-296-5169305-296-5169, 800-413-1978800-413-1978)

Coral Tree Inn     823 Fleming St (305-296-2131305-296-2131, 800-362-7477800-362-7477) Gay/Alternative   Courtesy of GayVacationKeyWest.com

Key West

Courtney’s Place    720 Whitemarsh Lane (305-294-3480305-294-3480, 800-869-4639800-869-4639)

The entrace to Courtney's Place guesthouse and office.

Courtyard by Marriott Key West Waterfront     3031-41 N. Roosevelt Blvd (305-296-6595305-296-6595, 888-869-7066888-869-7066)


Image of Courtyard by Marriott Key West Waterfront, Key West

Crowne Plaza Key West La Concha    430 Duval St (305-296-2991305-296-2991, 1-800-593-54471-800-593-5447)

Cuban Club Suites    1102-1108 Duval St (305-294-5269305-294-5269, 800-833-0372800-833-0372)

Curry House     806 Fleming St (305-294-6777305-294-6777, 800-633-7439800-633-7439)

Curry Mansion Inn     511 Caroline St (305-294-5349305-294-5349, 800-253-3466800-253-3466)

Curry Mansion Inn, Key West, United States of America

Cypress House      601 Caroline St (305-294-6969305-294-6969, 800-525-2488800-525-2488)

Dewey House     506 South St (305-296-6577305-296-6577, 800-354-4455800-354-4455)

Doubletree Grand Key Resort     3990 S. Roosevelt Blvd (305-293-1818305-293-1818, 800-222-tree)


Douglas House     419 Amelia St (305-294-5269305-294-5269, 800-833-0372800-833-0372)

Duval Gardens     1012 Duval St (305-292-3379305-292-3379, 800-867-1234800-867-1234)

Duval House     815 Duval St (305-294-1666305-294-1666)

Duval Inn     511 Angela St (305-295-9531305-295-9531, 877-418-6900877-418-6900)

Eaton Manor Guest House     1024 Eaton St (305-294-9870305-294-9870)

Eden House     1015 Fleming St (305-296-6868305-296-6868, 800-533-5397800-533-5397)

El Patio Motel       800 Washington St (305-296-6531305-296-6531, 866-533-5189866-533-5189)

Map of Business

Equator Resort for Men     818 Fleming St (305-294-7775305-294-7775, 800-278-4552800-278-4552) Gay/Alternative

Photo of Equator Key West

Fairfield Inn and Suites    2400 N. Roosevelt Blvd (305-296-5700305-296-5700, 800-228-2800800-228-2800)

Frances Street Bottle Inn     535 Frances St (305-294-8530305-294-8530, 800-294-8530800-294-8530)

Galleon Resort and Marina    617 Front St (305-296-7711305-296-7711, 800-544-3030800-544-3030)

Garden House     329 Elizabeth St (305-296-5368305-296-5368, 800-695-6453800-695-6453)

The Gardens Hotel      526 Angela St (305-294-2661305-294-2661, 800-526-2664800-526-2664)

Harborside Motel and Marina     903 Eisenhower Dr (305-294-2780305-294-2780)

Heartbreak Hotel    716 Duval St (305-296-5558305-296-5558)

Heron House     512 Simonton St (305-294-9227305-294-9227, 800-294-1644800-294-1644)

Heron House, Key West, United States of America

Image of Heron House, Key West

Heron House Court     412 Frances St (800-932-9119800-932-9119)

Heron House Court, Key West, United States of America

Image of Heron House Court, Key West

Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa    601 Front St (305-809-1234305-809-1234)

Hyatt Sunset Harbor     200 Sunset Lane (305-292-2001305-292-2001)

Image of Hyatt Sunset Harbor, A Hyatt Residence Club Resort, Key West

Image of Hyatt Sunset Harbor, A Hyatt Residence Club Resort, Key West

Hyatt Winward Pointe     3765 S. Roosevelt Blvd(305-293-5050305-293-5050

Hyatt Windward Pointe, A Hyatt Residence Club Resort, Key West, United States of America

Ibis Bay Waterfront Resort     3101 N. Roosevelt Blvd (305-296-1043305-296-1043)

Ibis Bay Resort, Key West, United States of America

Island City House    411 William St (305-600-3876305-600-3876, 877-270-0512877-270-0512)

Island City House Hotel, Key West, United States of America

Island House     1129 Fleming St (305-294-6284305-294-6284, 800-890-6284800-890-6284) Gay/Alternative


Jasmine House    817 Center St (877-413-5299877-413-5299)

Kay’s Cottage    Center St (305-296-5169305-296-5169, 800-413-1978800-413-1978)

Key Lime Inn      725 Truman Ave (305-294-5229305-294-5229, 800-549-4430800-549-4430)

Key West Bed and Breakfast     415 William St (305-296-7274305-296-7274, 800-438-6155800-438-6155)

Key West Lodging by Center Court Key West   1075 Duval St Suite C-19 (305-296-9292305-296-9292, 800-797-8787800-797-8787)

Key West Harbor Inn    219 Elizabeth St (305-296-2978305-296-2978, 800-608-6569800-608-6569)

Key West Hideaways     Old Town Locations    Office 818 White St Suite #1  (305-296-9090305-296-9090)

Key West Innkeepers Association   (305-295-9500305-295-9500, 800-492-1911800-492-1911)

Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel    3841 N. Roosevelt Blvd (305-296-8100305-296-8100,800-546-0885800-546-0885)

Image of Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel, Key West

Image of Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel, Key West

Knowles House     1004 Eaton St (305-296-8132305-296-8132, 800-352-4414800-352-4414)

 La Mer Hotel     506 South St (305-296-6577305-296-6577, 800-354-4455800-354-4455)

La Pensione Inn    809 Truman Ave (305-292-9923305-292-9923, 800-893-1193800-893-1193)

La Te Da Hotel     1125 Duval St (305-296-6706305-296-6706, 877-528-3320877-528-3320)

L’ Habitation    408 Eaton St (305-293-9203305-293-9203, 800-697-1766800-697-1766)

Lighthouse Court      902 Whitehead St (305-294-9588305-294-9588, 877-294-9588877-294-9588)

Lighthouse Court Hotel, Key West, United States of America

Mango Tree Inn     603 Southard St (305-293-1177305-293-1177, 877-90-MANGO877-90-MANGO)

Mango Tree Inn

Marrero’s Guest House    410 Fleming St (305-294-6977305-294-6977, 800-459-6212800-459-6212)

Marrero Guest Mansion

Merlin Guest House      811 Simonton St (305-296-3336305-296-3336, 800-642-4753800-642-4753)

Mermaid and the Alligator    729 Truman Ave (305-294-1894305-294-1894, 800-773-1894800-773-1894)


New Orleans House     724 Duval St (305-293-9800305-293-9800, 888-293-9893888-293-9893) Gay /Male Only

Oasis Inn     822 Fleming St (305-296-2131305-296-2131) Gay/Alternative

Map of Business

Ocean Breeze Inn     625 South St (305-296-2829305-296-2829, 877-879-2362877-879-2362)

Ocean Breeze Inn, Key West, United States of America

Ocean Key Resort and Spa       Zero Duval St (305-296-7701305-296-7701, 800-328-9815800-328-9815)

Ocean Key Resort - A Noble House Resort, Key West, United States of America

Old Customs House Inn      124 Duval St (305-294-8507305-294-8507, 800-958-7101800-958-7101)

Old Town Manor     511 Eaton St (office)    305-292-2170305-292-2170  Facebook

Old Town Manor, formerly Eaton Lodge, is a really wonderful place to stay when you visit Key West and it’s located right in the heart of historic “Old Town” only steps away from world famous Duval St. They offer very affordable pricing and a friendly staff that will make you feel right at home. Built in 1886, this beautiful property offers all guests a choice between 1,2,or 3 BR units with private bath, a delicious all natural continental breakfast, free wireless Internet access, cable TV, free DVD rentals and much more. Most rooms come with either Queen or King sized beds. If you feel like you just can’t leave your pet behind, Old town Manor is also pet-friendly!

They also have a beautiful swimming pool located next door at their sister property “Rose Lane Villas“. Email:info@roselanevillas.com   My wife and I stayed at the Villas when we got married last year and it was fabulous. The Villas offer guests 6 different room choices from 1, 2 or 3 bedroom units, well equipped for the family including full kitchens, private baths, free wireless, DVD rentals and parking. It’s also a great place to stay especially if you’re traveling with a larger group. If you call ahead early enough you might be able to reserve the entire Rose Lane compound for your party and enjoy the privacy of your own courtyard with a gorgeous swimming pool and still be steps away from Duval St.  Special discounts are often available for either property if you check the website or by calling.

There is a great deal of history associated with these two wonderful properties and I am quite sure that you will have a very enjoyable and relaxing stay every time you visit these two charming locations! Check out the testimonials page and you’re sure to see why Rose Lane villas are the perfect place to stay when you’re in Key West.

Olivia by Duval      511 Olivia St (305-296-5169305-296-5169, 800-413-1978800-413-1978) Pool House located @ 820 Center St


Orchid Key Inn     1004 Duval St (305-296-9915305-296-9915, 800-845-8384800-845-8384)

July 2009.

Palms Hotel      820 Whitehead St (305-294-3146305-294-3146, 800-558-9374800-558-9374)

Papa’s Hideaway      309 Louisa St (305-294-7709305-294-7709, 800-714-7709800-714-7709)

Paradise Inn     819 Simonton St (305-293-8007305-293-8007, 800-888-9648800-888-9648)

Image of Paradise Inn, Key West

Image of Paradise Inn, Key West

Parrot Key Beach House and Resort     2801 N. Roosevelt Blvd (305-809-2200305-809-2200, 888-665-6368888-665-6368)

Pearl’s Key West    525 United St (305-292-1450305-292-1450, 800-749-6696800-749-6696)

Image of Pearl's Key West, Key West

Image of Pearl's Key West, Key West

Pegusus International Hotel      501 Southard St (305-294-9323305-294-9323, 800-397-8148800-397-8148)

Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa    One Duval St (305-296-4600305-296-4600, 800-723-2791800-723-2791)

Pilot House     414 Simonton St (305-293-6600305-293-6600, 800-648-3780800-648-3780)

Poinciana Place     715 Whitmarsh Lane (877-413-5299877-413-5299, 386-454-2836386-454-2836)

Rose Lane Villas      511 Eaton St (305-292-2170305-292-2170, 800-294-2170800-294-2170)

Santa Maria Suites    1401 Simonton St (305-600-5165305-600-5165, 866-726-8259866-726-8259)

Seaport Inn of Key West    329 William St (305-294-3480305-294-3480, 800-869-4639800-869-4639)

Seashell Motel and Key West Hostel      718 South St (305- 296-5719305- 296-5719)

Seascape Tropical Inn     420 Olivia St (305-296-7776305-296-7776, 800-765-6438800-765-6438)

Sheraton Suites Key West     2001 S. Roosevelt Blvd (305-292-9800305-292-9800, 800-452-3224800-452-3224)

Silver Palms Inn      830 Truman Ave (305-294-8700305-294-8700, 800-294-8783800-294-8783)

Image of Silver Palms Inn, Key West

Simonton Court    320 Simonton St (305-294-6386305-294-6386, 800-944-2687800-944-2687)

Southern Cross     326 Duval St (305-294-3200305-294-3200, 888-364-3200888-364-3200)

Southernmost House    1400 Duval St (305-296-3141305-296-3141, 877-552-9821877-552-9821)

Southernmost on the Beach Hotel Collection     1319 Duval St (305-296-6577305-296-6577, 800-354-4455800-354-4455)

Southern Most Point Guest House      1327 Duval St (305-294-0715305-294-0715)

Southwind Motel     1321 Simonton St (305-296-2215305-296-2215)

Spanish Gardens Motel    1325 Simonton St (305-294-1051305-294-1051, 888-898-1051888-898-1051)

Speakeasy Inn    1117 Duval St (305-296-2680305-296-2680)

Spindrift Motel      1212 Simonton St (305-296-3432305-296-3432)

Suite Dreams Inn     1001 Von Phister St (305-292-4713305-292-4713)

Sunrise Suites Resort     3685 Seaside Dr (305-296-6661305-296-6661, 877-629-5252877-629-5252)

Sunset Key Guest Cottages  A Westin Resort   245 Front St (305-292-5300305-292-5300, 866-837-4249866-837-4249)

Image of Sunset Key Guest Cottages, A Westin Resort, Key West

Image of Sunset Key Guest Cottages, A Westin Resort, Key West

Image of Sunset Key Guest Cottages, A Westin Resort, Key West

The Grand Guesthouse      1116 Grinnell St (305-294-0590305-294-0590, 888-947-2630888-947-2630

The Inn at Key West      3420 N. Roosevelt Blvd (305-294-5541305-294-5541)

Key West Inn and Bayside Suites     3444 N. Roosevelt Blvd (305-296-7953305-296-7953, 800-578-7878800-578-7878)

Key West Inn and Bayside Suites Key West, Key West

Image of Travelodge & Suites Bayside Key West, Key West

Travelers Palm Inn & Guesthouses   815 Catherine St (305-304-1751305-304-1751)

Tropical Inn     812 Duval St (305-294-9977305-294-9977, 888-611-6510888-611-6510)

The Beach Villas    1815 Atlantic Blvd (305-294-1525305-294-1525)

The Reach Resort    1435 Simonton St (888-318-4316888-318-4316)

The Truman Hotel      611 Truman Ave (305-296-6700305-296-6700, 866-4-TRUMAN866-4-TRUMAN)

The Victoria House Vacation Rental  806 Truman Ave  (305-296-7975305-296-7975, 888-459-9378888-459-9378)

The Victoria House - Image 1 - Key West - rentals

Villas Key West      512 Angela St (305-296-7893305-296-7893, 866-539-9378866-539-9378)

The Westin Key West Resort and Marina     245 Front St (305-294-4000305-294-4000, 866-837-4250866-837-4250)

Image of The Westin Key West Resort & Marina, Key West

Image of The Westin Key West Resort & Marina, Key West

Weatherstation Inn      57 Front St  (305-294-7277305-294-7277, 800-815-2707800-815-2707)

Image of Weatherstation Inn, Key West

Westwinds Inn   914 Eaton St (305-296-4440305-296-4440, 800-788-4150800-788-4150)

Wicker Guesthouse   913 Duval St (305-296-4275305-296-4275, 800-880-4275800-880-4275)

















































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