Paradise Revisited

Hey folks, just got back from another awesome adventure in Key West and just wanted to post some pics and video of the crazy goings on over the Memorial Day weekend. Cheers and enjoy…  This is the Coast Guarded Tallship Barque Eagle that was in town over the weekend. She;s 295 ft long and is used for training cadets for the rigors of the Coast Guard.

Key West 2015 033Key West 2015 037Key West 2015 048

The annual Minimal Regata was held on May 24th at Schooner Wharf and as usual, it was a hilarious sight to behold.

Key West 2015 072Key West 2015 074Key West 2015 059

What would Key West be without the beautiful sunsets…

Key West 2015 085Key West 2015 087



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