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Schooner Western Union

Western Union

Hello friends, we just got back from our recent anniversary trip to Key West and learned some disturbing news about the future of the Historic “Western Union” Schooner from Capt. Lenn. Some of you may already have heard that the Western Union is in a serious state of disrepair and is in desperate need of funding to restore this great sailing vessel to its original pristine shape. Being that this wonderful two-masted schooner is a wooden ship, the costs involved in restoring her are very high and, if the capitol is not raised soon to restore the ship, this beautiful piece of history could very well end up in the scrapyard.

As of early September, 2014 the Western Union Schooner was stripped of its Coast Guard certification to sail until such repairs could take place and not until then. The Western Union is the last functioning wooden tall ship built in the state of Florida and is in need currently of somewhere around 60,000 dollars in state and local community support in the form of donations to be able to secure federal dollars to complete her restoration. This funding must be raised in the next 20 days or this vital slice of Key West and the State of Florida could disappear forever.

The Schooner Western Union Preservation Society is at a crisis point and is accepting donations to help save this important part of Florida’s History. Everyone who has sailed on her or has been to Key West can understand the true importance of this undertaking and CAN HELP in some way, large or small, to save her from destruction. I am posting a link for anyone who wishes to donate what ever they can afford to keep this Historic tall ship sailing through our waters and to serve locals and educate the visitors about its rich history. I am also posting the link to an important article published in the Key West Citizen regarding fundraising efforts.

My wife and I were married aboard this wonderful and historic tall ship in 2011 and I’m certain that many of you have had similar memorable experiences on the Western Union. Please help in any way possible to keep her afloat and sailing the waters in our region and state. Thank you for your support.